Jersey Mike’s Catering Menu With Prices [ Updated 2024 ]

Jersey Mike Catering offers delicious northeast-style subs, salad bowls, brownies, cookies, and beverages, all conveniently packaged with plates, utensils, and napkins.

Jersey Mike is Perfect for any event! Plus, we’ll give you the inside scoop on prices, so you can plan your budget.

Their catering menu features fresh deli meats, veggies, and their famous toasted rolls. Impress your guests with Jersey Mike’s catering goodness!

Jersey Mike’s Catering Menu With Prices

Subs by Box

4 giant subs cut up and served in a display box $52.50


Regular Lunchbox with a Drink
Regular cold sub, chips, 20oz bottled drink and a fresh-baked cookie!
Regular Lunchbox
Regular cold sub, chips and a fresh-baked cookie!
Small Lunchbox with a Drink
Mini cold sub, chips, 20oz bottled drink and a fresh-baked cookie!
Small Lunchbox
Mini cold sub, chips and a cookie!
6x Mini Cookie$7.75
12 fresh-baked cookies$15.50

Brownie Platter

6x Regular Brownie$7.75
12 gooey chocolate chip brownies$15.50

Jersey Mike’s Catering Menu 

  • Drinks options: Pepsi, Pepsi Zero Sugar, Starry, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Diet Mountain Dew
  • Chips Options: Lays Classic, Baked Lays BBQ, Doritos Cool Ranch, Miss Vickie’s Jalapeño, Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream, Miss Vickie’s Sea Salt & Vinegar, Doritos Nacho, Miss Vickie’s Sea Salt, Sun Chips Salsa, Baked Lays, Cheetos, Miss Vickie’s BBQ, Baked Lays Sour Cream & Onion
  • Cookie Option: Chocolate Chip Cookie, Sugar Cookie, M&M Cookie

How to order from Jersey Mike’s Catering

  • The Subs By the Bag option is among the most sought-after of the three options for smaller groups. It is available with the option of choosing the three among Jersey Mike’s cold sandwiches.
  • Subs by The Box is in the next category for groups of ten. It offers a larger portion of sandwiches made to serve slices.
  • Personal Boxed Lunches are a well-known item that is ideal for servings of individual portions. It comes with Chips and Cookies as well as every Cold Sub.

Jersey Mike’s offers convenient ordering options for regular customers. They can call any nearby branch or order online through their accounts.

Use this link to order online:

Jersey Mike’s collaborates with 120 charitable organizations during their “Month of Giving” with the support of locals.

Orders are typically fulfilled within 10-15 minutes. However, the waiting time may vary depending on the branch.

The great news is that consumers can earn points by buying their preferred subs. Customers can redeem their points to exchange them for either a wrap or a sub.

History Of Jersey Mike’s:

In 1956, Mike opened a small submarine sandwich shop in Point Pleasant, NJ. At the time, there were few franchise restaurants or chains. Mike’s Subs had to offer high-quality products and services to succeed.

Peter Cancro was a high school student in Point Pleasant, New Jersey in 1971. He started working at Mike’s Subs at the age of 14 and loved interacting with customers.

When he heard the owner was selling the shop, he approached his football coach and obtained a loan to buy the business at the age of 17.

Peter started franchising Mike’s concept in 1987, changing the name to Jersey Mike’s Subs to capture the authenticity of where the sub sandwich was born.

Jersey Mike’s started franchising in 12 years and opened 35 stores along the Jersey Shore. The chain has been the fastest-growing sandwich joint in the U.S. for four consecutive years since 2018.


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