Jersey Mike’s Club Sub Calories & Price

The Jersey Mike’s Club Sub is a cold sub that includes turkey, ham, provolone, applewood smoked bacon, and mayo.

It is prepared “Mike’s Way,” which includes onions, lettuce, tomatoes, vinegar, oil, and spices. The sub is known for its flavorful combination of ingredients and is a popular menu item at Jersey Mike’s.

Jersey Mike’s Club Sub Calories & Price

The price of Jersey Mike’s Club Sub may vary depending on the location, size, bread type, and additional ingredients.

Item NamePrice (USD)Calories
Club Sub (Regular)$8.25780
Club Sub (Giant)$11.451170
Club Sub (Original Italian Bread) (Regular)$8.25780
Club Sub (Original Italian Bread) (Giant)$11.451170
Club Sub in a Tub (Regular)$9.45780
Club Sub in a Tub (Giant)$12.951170

If you find authentic prices & calories please go to their official website.

Club Sub Ingredients & Toppings

  • Provolone cheese: This is the base cheese for the Club Sub, and it adds a creamy and slightly salty flavor.
  • Ham: The Club Sub comes with both ham and turkey, so you can double up on the savory flavors.
  • Turkey: The turkey adds a leaner and milder flavor to the sandwich.
  • Roast beef: This adds a hearty and beefy flavor to the sub.
  • Mayo: Jersey Mike’s uses their special blend of mayonnaise, which is made with olive oil and fresh eggs.
  • Lettuce: Adds a bit of freshness and crunch to the sandwich.
  • Tomato: Adds a touch of sweetness and acidity.
  • Onion: Adds a bit of bite and pungency to the sandwich.
  • Mustard: Adds a tangy flavor.
  • Oil and vinegar: Adds a bright and acidic flavor.
  • Salt and pepper: To taste.

Jersey Mikes Club Sub Copycat Recipe

If you’ve eaten in Jersey Mikes, then you already know that their club subs are among the top around. You can now make subs at home, and they’re just as delicious as the Jersey Mike original version!


Hoagie rolls
2 ounces thin-sliced Ham 
2 ounces thin-sliced Turkey breast
Thinly sliced tomatoes
Sliced onion
Shredded lettuce
4 slices of bacon
Submarine oil
Provolone cheese

How to Make a Copycat Recipe Club Sub from Jersey Mike’s

  • Cut open your hoagie rolls.
  • Spread mayonnaise on both sides.
  • Layer your turkey and ham.
  • Then add bacon along with cheese, tomato, and bacon.
  • Add onion and then top with lettuce shredded.
  • Sprinkle your submarine oil onto the over-the-top layer of lettuce.
  • Sprinkle salt and oregano on top.
  • Cut your submarines into two halves both ways and then relax.
  • It’s messy, but it’s delicious.


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